My Big Media ABC

My Big Media ABC appears to be a child's alphabet book. However, behind the innocent facade lurks a satirical take on the media, politics and society.

Each page contains a word or phrase in recent media usage, coupled with an ironic and thought-provoking illustration.

With alphabet books, children learn to build up their picture of the world through reassuring images and letters. As adults, do we absorb from the media a continual feed of hysteria, opinion and world problems, coupled with advertising-induced cravings? Are we made up from an alphabet of today's media topics?

This alphabet deals with the media portrayal of today’s issues in a light-hearted way, and allows us to reflect on our situation, wanting to make the right choices but often unsure what to believe.

The book was a final year degree project on BA Arts & Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and was awarded first class honours.

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© Alec Hole 2006-2023

detox flash mob junkie
McJob quality time W.M.D.

Is our society obsessed with binge drinking?

alcopop buzzword

Is language becoming distorted by meaningless corporate jargon and business buzzwords?

Much is made in the media of 'chavs' in hoodies, but are we right to fear them?

chavs detox

Are we right to be feeling terror fatigue, or should we be more mindful of the threats we face rather than our detox regimes?

Are we addicted to consuming the latest technological marvels?

eye candy flash mob

Why are we so fascinated by the continual celebrity soap opera?

Is the media too focused on trying to reveal secrets about those in the public eye?

gaydar happy slap

Has bullying become uncontrollable in the digital age?

Does our consumer society allow us to form real communities and relationships?

interpersonal junkie

With obesity on the rise, are we addicted to fast food?

Has the fight against terrorism led to kneejerk political reactions which create more problems rather than solutions?

kneejerk largin' it

Is there a downside to party culture?

Is working in the armed forces now an undesirable job?

McJob no-brainer

Is playing computer games a waste of our intelligence?

Can the planet cope with the increasing demands our growing population places on it?

on demand pandemic

Has media hype about health problems and new diseases reached pandemic proportions? Is our answer to too many problems to pop a pill?

Is our idea of quality time to zone out in front of the television?

quality time reality

Do we live in an age where we are under constant surveillance?

Is bigger always better?

supersize talk to the hand

Is the U.S. interested in the opinions of the rest of the World?

Does the media try to gloss over problems with feelgood stories?

upbeat virtual

How much of what we read in the media is fact and how much is virtual?

Is oil the real weapon of mass destruction?

W.M.D. x-factor

Is voting in reality TV now more important than in political elections?

Are we obsessed with looking younger?

youth zombies

Are we all just worker drones?